GT International


                   From 1992 -1997 we were the sole agents and official representatives of NextCom K. K., a large Japanese Network/System Integrator.  During this time, we achieved the following:

    1.      Set up vendor - distributor relationship between Nextcom K.K. and Ascend Communications.  As a result of this, Nextcom became the leading Ascend distributor in Japan producing multi-million dollar annual sales.

    2.      Set up software development - licensing relationship with Distinct, Inc. and Nextcom.  Nextcom became the leading vendor of localized Distinct products in Japan.

    3.      Managed relationships with major U. S. vendors such as 3COM, Ascend and others. This included ensuring cross-licensing agreements in place and valid, import/export requirements met from a Japanese perspective and support and maintenance contracts were applicable.

After 1997, we expanded our business to contract with other Japanese and Asian companies.  Some recent accomplishments:

    1.    Set up and help manage a development project for a Japanese ISDN router - Development team included engineers from U. S., Taiwan and Japan.

    2.    Investigated selected U. S. companies for investment consideration from Japan source.  Subsequent recommended investments resulted in significant returns for Japan source.

Prior to these periods, experience included the below:

    1.    Investigated, Contracted, developed and managed a series of distributorships in the Asian area for Ungermann-Bass (UB Networks).  

    2.    Proposed and helped established a joint venture between UB Networks and Singapore Technologies that had operational responsibility for ASEAN area.  (Chartered UB Networks)

   3.    Helped develop the first Ethernet NIC card for the Japanese NEC 98xx series PC for UB Networks' Japanese Subsidiary, UBKK.    Subsequently, UBKK achieved a 25% share of PC NIC card market in Japan.