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William E. Goodelle


International Business Development; Product/Solutions Integration; Project Management


Experienced in most Asian markets particularly Japan. Developed relationships with many key personnel in LAN/WAN/Internet and related markets.  Managed and worked on various projects ranging from a contributing product development engineer to international project management.


Demonstrations Of Effectiveness

  • Initiated and co-managed product development project for Japan specific ISDN router with local U.S. company.
  • Initiated relationships with selected U.S. vendors that were key contributors to NextCom K.K. sales/revenue growth ($45 million to $145 million in less than 4 years).
  • Co-managed software development/localization project resulting in a complete set of Internet/Intranet applications and tools specifically for the Japanese market.
  • At UB Networks, developed and managed a distribution network for 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region covering sales in 10.





GT International

San Jose, CA


  • Contract with select Japanese or other Asian companies as consultant and/or representative for networking (LAN, WAN, Internet) interests in U.S.
  • Also contract with select U. S. companies to introduce products, solutions to Japanese/Asian interests.
  • Set up relationships with U.S. or Asian companies for contracted companies re: Technology licensing, VAR, Reseller, investment.



NextCom K.K. (Tokyo, Japan)

San Jose, CA

General Manager, U. S. Operations

  • Set up development programs, Technology Licensing Agreements with U. S. companies and NextCom K.K.. Emphasis on LAN/WAN/Internet.
  • Initiated and set up international agreements with Ascend Communications, Distinct Corporation, and others with NextCom K. K. Managed relations with U. S. companies partnered with NextCom.
  • Researched and provided recommendations to NextCom staff regarding new, marketable products/solutions for Japan markets.
  • Investigated and recommended specific U. S. companies for possible investment or JV with NextCom K.K. Emphasis on emerging LAN/WAN/Internet technology from small or start-up companies.





Ungermann-Bass, Inc.

Santa Clara, CA

Manager, Asia Pacific Operations

  • Set up distributors in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and all ASEAN area.
  • Set up sales/commission schedules and support & maintenance programs for all Asia Pacific distributors.
  • Established joint venture with Singapore Technologies, in Singapore (Chartered UB PTE, Ltd.).
  • Increased sales in area 115% over 12 month period (12/90 - 12/91).





Ungermann-Bass, Inc.

Santa Clara, CA

Senior Staff Engineer, Asia Pacific Operations

  • Co-developed first Ethernet card for Japanese NEC 98xx system.
  • Developed software, microcode for Japan-specific 4-port Async Server.
  • Set up Asia Pacific Software Library in Japan emphasizing multi-lingual software source integrity.





San Jose State University

San Jose, CA

  • Mathematics major
  • EE/Computer Architecture minor


International Relations, running, handball, new technology